Evelyn La Starza

eclectic visual artist, constantly experimenting.


Her art could be summed up as spontaneous joy of using paint, expressing emotions and inner visions throught colors and shapes.
The way she paints is introspective, intuitive and gestural, resulting in artworks characterized by energetic brushstrokes and bold color palettes.

Her main artistic influences are Willem De Koonig, Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Gerhard Richter, Joan Mitchell, Jean Michel Basquiat and Jean Dubuffet.

Self-taught artist, she's been painting for more than 30 years, since teenage, when she would find in art a way to comfort her introspective and introvert soul. Growing up, she worked as an interior decorator and later as a jewellery-accessory designer, founding her own brand in 2004. At some point, after 15 years of successful career in this field, she realised it was time to dedicate all her time to painting. She still designs and creates unique jewelry pieces from time to time.

All the artworks painted in the last thirty years are in private collections.